Quiet Please; As a courtesy to your classmates, please remain silent so that others can concentrate. Thank you.

1. Seat students every other chair, every other row.

2. Only four (4) people to the library at one time for ten minutes at a time. If they do not return in exactly ten minutes or less, they do not go to the library for the next two weeks. If teachers give students passes to the library to work on projects, they may stay half the period (approximately 21 minutes) and the person counts as one of the four people checked out to the library. If a class is going to be in the library, the librarian will notify the study hall. In this case, no one will be allowed to check out to the library.

3. No cards or other games.

4. No computer games.

5. One person to the restroom, drinking fountain, etc. – not one girl and one boy, one person.

6. No pop and/or candy bars.

7. No studying together unless the study hall is perfectly controlled. If at any time the study group is talking in anything louder than a whisper, the study session ends immediately.

WHEN/IF you don't have homework assignments or something to study; there are three things you can do quietly instead of just surfing, gaming or watching things on the internet- READ, WRITE, or DRAW.

Parent/Student Handbook STUDY HALL; While in study hall, students are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner. They are expected to bring enough work to occupy them for the entire study hall.