Mr. Mallory’s Classes & Activities

Ted Mallory
  • Has taught at Boyer Valley since 2000.
  • Previously taught at Los Angeles Lutheran Jr/Sr High School in Sylmar, CA. 1993-2000
  • BSEd from Concordia University Nebraska
    • Double-Major in K-12 Art & 7-12 History/Social Studies

Art Dogs __https://bvartdogs.wordpress.com__
Extracurricular Art Club, students work on either further development of class assignments and/or personal art projects outside of class during free time. Students share their artworks on __Instagram__ and __Artsonia__ websites, where they can also access information about scholarships and competitions.

Cheerleading __http://cheerpositive.wikispaces.com__
6-10 members, Encourage fans in the stands to rally our teams on the court & field by leading cheers at varsity football & basketball games & pep rallies.Build school spirit & sense of community & identity at games and elsewhere. Positively influence the culture & climate of the student body. Tryouts held in May, ‘Boot Camp’ in August, practice 2x/week

Coach Mallory was a yell-leader at Concordia in college. He first coached ms cheer and later varsity cheer at L.A. Lutheran MS/HS. Two of his former cheerleaders there have gone on to become coaches themselves. He has coached varsity cheer at Boyer Valley since 2000. In 2001, he co-presented on mascoting at the Iowa Cheer Coaches’ Association. From 2000-2006 he also coached ms cheer at Boyer Valley.

Ceramics __http://bv-ceramics.wikispaces.com__
Ceramics will provide students with a conceptual and manual foundation in the field of ceramics. Students will learn the properties of clay, its preparation, hand and wheel techniques, surface design, firing methods, fundamental ceramic terms, principles of design and introductory ceramics history. Students will also be oriented in safe practices of the ceramic artist. Emphasis will be on developing skills appropriate to the beginning student for the purpose of creative expression and technical understanding of the clay as medium.

CIVICS __http://bv-civics.wikispaces.com__
Mr. Mallory's main goal for 8th grade Civics class is to introduce students to the apparatus of participatory democracy- to help students understand how and why government works and to equip students with the critical thinking skills they need to become successful, contributing citizens. In Civics, students will learn about their rights and obligations as citizens at the local, state, national, and global levels and the history of our nation as a democracy. Students will study the U.S. Constitution, the three branches of the federal government, and the structure, function of our state and local governments as well.

Commercial Art & Graphic Design __http://bv-commart.wikispaces.com__
Students will compile a portfolio of works using the principles of composition and 2-dimensional design for commercial applications. The five-step design process will be emphasized. Projects will include illustration, typography, logo/branding design, iconography/pictograms, caricature, product packaging, and advertising. Most of the class will involve traditional media like drawing, painting and collage, but students will be introduced to digital techniques; hardware and software applications.

Digital Photography __http://digphoto.wikispaces.com__
An exploration of the fundamental principles, techniques and application of camera-based image making. Explores the techniques and applications for acquiring, manipulating and preparing photographic images for publication or sharing on digital platforms.

Drawing & Seeing__http://drawing-and-seeing.wikispaces.com__
You don’t need to know how to draw already- the whole point of this class is to teach you how to draw. This course is recommended for any student intending to take any other art courses. Emphasis will be placed on brain research and visual thinking modes. All students should have this course or Art Fundamentals prior to any other art course. This class will introduce students to thinking visually, solving problems creatively, and expressing themselves in fresh, new ways.

Drawing 2
This course is for drawing students who would like to expand and improve their skills. Emphasis will be put on drawing from real life, including the human figure, the skeleton, and portraits. Figure Drawing students will hone and practice perception and drawing skills, and learn additional techniques. Students will experiment with a variety of drawing media including charcoal, conté, and pastel.

Independent-Study (Advanced Art & Portfolio) Classes
Students who have completed Drawing 2, Painting, Ceramics, Photography or Commercial Art classes and would like to further develop their skills, prepare work for contests, scholarships, or a college or professional portfolio, may work independently either parallel with students in introductory classes or during a study-hall on a custom tailored advanced version of an art class for credit. Over the course of the semester,these students will produce a minimum of 10 artworks. No more of two of which should be in the same genre or the same medium. IS students to explore at least 4 different idioms, although obviously their works will, and ought to be in their own personal style. No more than two of the 10 works should be in the same historical idiom.

Painting __http://bv-painting.wikispaces.com__
This course will explore a variety of painting media, Art history and design and expressive concepts. Students will examine a variety of different styles and techniques. It is my hope that students will develop the skills necessary for “life-long learning,” in art appreciation, creativity and painting.

Web Programming or Web Design (Dual Credit) __http://webheads.wikispaces.com__
Fundamentals of Web Programming teaches how to create, design, publish, and maintain a web site. Students learn HTML, DHTML and CSS using web site creation software. Design considerations such as usability, download time and aesthetics are emphasized. Students will not just learn and use programming code, but will also examine the development process including making client proposals and considering end-user scenarios.

Students may have the opportunity to develop material for publishing on the school website. Mr. Mallory is the Website Coordinator for BVCSD.

Yearbook __http://archive-yrbk.wikispaces.com__
Students should be hard working, self-motivated, and responsible with immense school pride and interest in the well-being of this school and the community. This will be a professionally run publication staff. The ‘Archive’ staff will make decisions about coverage and content, sell and distribute books, sell advertising, maintain finances, and gain experience and skills applicable in college and the work-force. The ‘Archive’ chronicles the academic school year of Boyer Valley Community Schools.

Yearbook students may have the opportunity to develop content for the school Website & newsletter as well as the yearbook. Mr. Mallory has been involved in publications since he was a hs student. He has freelanced or worked during the Summer for area newspapers in Iowa and been a yearbook advisor since 1993. He puts together the district newsletter and serves as Website Coordinator.

Students who have already taken Yearbook, can earn academic credit while working on the production of the yearbook independently, either parallel to Yearbook students, or during a study hall. Minimum requirements for contribution, periodic check-in & review with the advisor and sales of book orders & ads are required. These more advanced/experienced students may also be tasked with designing ads, the yearbook’s cover or end-sheets. These students may be considered student-editors and be entitled to use titles such as “production manager, managing, assistant or editor” on college and scholarship applications.